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Cotton scarf

Our scarf Loris made of cotton with handmade diamond fringes is the ideal companion for the warm seasons to wear on the shoulders on a blouse or tied around the neck as a scarf.

Our supplier is the certified company B „Hilanderia Warmi“, which in turn works with the renowned Warmi Sayajsunqo Association, which operates in the Puna communities in northwest Argentina. This natural substance is purchased directly by the association under fair trade conditions and the funds from the profits from the textiles sold are used by the community to finance health, resource management, craft and educational projects.

During production, the Loris scarf is machine-woven and processed by hand

TASHAY cares about the environment : We cooperate with certified companies and craftsmen and thus set the highest standards in terms of social and ecological performance, transparency and ensure corporate responsibility.

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Größe50 × 220 cm