About the founder Adriana Castillo

Adriana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After finishing her studies in Business Administration in Buenos Aires she came to Germany in 2002 to complete a Master's degree in International Business. Since then she has worked on numerous projects to connect Latin America and Europe.
She is particularly interested in social and economic issues and her goal was and still is to promote social development in her home region South America. This is the reason why she came up with the idea of founding TASHAY in 2019. Adriana lives in Bad Homburg (Germany), is married and has two children.

Tashay bedeutet auf Quechua "Üppige Ernte"

Quechua - also called Runa Simi "Language of the People", is the third most spoken language in South America


We stand for sustainability.

Our business philosophy is to promote sustainable textile production in small and medium enterprises and producers in the Andes, from Peru to southern Argentina, and to valorize the culture and traditional work in isolated areas.


We stand for quality.

Our products are made exclusively from natural fibers such as baby alpaca, llama, merino and silk and are produced using traditional loom techniques that have been transmitted from generation to generation. Regardless of trends and seasons, TASHAY offers a diverse collection of ponchos, scarves, blankets and accessories with unique and unrepeatable features. Each piece of TASHAY is unique and is characterized by exceptional quality.