Tashay bedeutet auf Quechua "Üppige Ernte"

Quechua - also called Runa Simi "Language of the People", is the third most spoken language in South America


We stand for sustainability.

We distribute products from local artisans and small businesses mostly through the use of ancestral techniques in their manufacture. In this way we support thousands of families and undertakings along the Andes, from Peru to southern Argentina, and promote fair trade in a sustainable way.


We stand for individuality.

TASHAY develops high quality and handmade fashion clothing with unique and unrepeatable properties that respect fair trade and promote the use of exclusive natural fibres. Regardless of trends and seasons, TASHAY offers a diverse collection of ponchos, scarves and covers in different textures and colours. Each part of TASHAY is unique and is characterized by its exceptional quality.