Tashay wurde auf den Prinzipien des Respekts vor den Ureinwohnern, den Tieren, der Natur, den andinen Traditionen und dem außergewöhnlichen Design gegründet. Unsere Lieferanten werden auf der Grundlage ihrer Arbeitsphilosophie ausgewählt. Wir legen Wert auf höchste Standards für soziale und ökologische Leistung, Transparenz und unternehmerische Verantwortung.

Tashay was founded on the principles of respect for native inhabitants, animals, nature, Andean traditions and exceptional design. Our suppliers are selected according to their work philosophy. We value the highest standards of social and environmental achievement, transparency and corporate responsibility.

Hilanderia Warmi

Hilanderia Warmi is a social enterprise (B certified) focused on the positive impact on the socio-economic development of the Argentine Puna through the sustainable use of animals and resources. A group of Argentinean entrepreneurs, together with the Andes communities (Warmi Sayajsunqo civil association), has reopened a spinning and weaving mill (with almost 100 years of history). They produce highest quality handmade ponchos, throws and blankets.

Since it was founded, the Warmi Sayajsunqo Association has been an active partner in the company through a decision-making body. The civil association refers to the women of the Puna, called Coyas, who work for the development of their region based on education and entrepreneurship. More than 3,000 families manage a joint fund of microloans and various local projects. Its last big project was the founding of the Puna University. The work of the Warmi Sayajsunqo Civil Association is recognized around the world. Its director, Rosario Quispe, was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2005.


Animana (B-certified) develops high-quality, handmade fashion clothing with unique and unrepeatable properties, which respects fair trade and ensures the use of natural fibres and promotes better local development through these practices.

Animana works with more than 7,500 artisans from Patagonia and the Andes region, who process the natural fibres with respect, passion and care and convey their ancestral skills in every piece of clothing.

The non-profit organization “Hecho x Nosotros”, founded by Adriana Marina from the company Animana, runs training and education programs for local craftsmen throughout the Andean region, leads an academic network with young professionals from all over the world and organizes research programs, seminars and workshops to have a positive influence on national and international managers from the fashion industry. In addition, “Hecho x Nosotros” deals with questions of sustainable fashion with the consultative status of the Economic and Social Commission of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and has been honoured as a fellow of the NGO Ashoka and the project “Fabric of Change” of the C&A Foundation.