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Beani made of llama fiber Hand-knitted beani with 100% natural llama fiber and hand-spun yarn. The colors used are the natural colors of the fiber, making each finished product unique. Our beani is unique and therefore no two beanis are the same. This product is carefully handknitted by a community of weavers from the Argentine Andes Altiplano, who live at an altitude of 5000 m. These villages are extremely difficult to access. The artisans use traditional techniques that are passed from generation to generation.   Apart from that, the colors and details may vary, but none of this makes this beani less beautiful and special. Anti-allergic – Warm – Fluffy – Breathable – Dirt Repellent This noble and high-quality llama fiber is characterized by its special properties:  llama fiber consists of natural proteins with exceptionally low lanolin content and fat; therefore, it is hypoallergenic. This fiber is also warm, light, resistant, water-repellent and has excellent insulation properties and has a temperature-balancing effect. In addition, the natural llama fiber has an antibacterial effect, i.e., bacteria cannot multiply and die on their surface. Finally, llama fiber is biodegradable. TASHAY takes care of the environment: The products made exclusively from natural fibers are 100% sustainable: the breeding practices apply the traditional methods. The shearing of the camellias is done manually, so that the use of machines and the use of harmful chemicals is avoided by using the natural colors of these fibers as the basis of our collections, which range from natural color to black over various shades of grey and brown.

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