XL Scarf Marlin


Material composition: 65% llama 35% virgin wool

The dimensions of this item are:

Width in cm: 70

Length in cm: 220

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Lama fibre scarf

This scarf (can also be used as a bedscarf) mainly made of llama fibres (llama fibre 65%, new wool 35%) represents an important, embracing piece of clothing that is both light and versatile. Thanks to its simple and timeless design, it will accompany you on various occasions over the years.

The llamas come from the mountain valleys of the Andes in Argentina up to an altitude of 4000 m and are kept by small producers. In the Puna communities of northwest Argentina, llamas are farmed and produced in small production systems and by producers with scarce economic and natural resources. The fibre from the producers is purchased from Warmi Sayajsunqo Association’s regional markets, respecting fair trade. During production, the Marlin  scarf is machine-woven and processed by hand.

Antiallergic – Warm – Fluffy – Breathable – Dirt-repellent

This noble and high-quality llama fibre is characterized by its special properties: llama fibre consists of natural proteins with a very low proportion of lanolin and fat, so it is hypoallergenic. This fibre is also warm, light, resistant, water-repellent and has excellent insulating properties and also has a temperature-regulating effect. In addition, the natural llama fibre has an antibacterial effect, i.e. Bacteria cannot multiply on their surface and die. Finally, llama fibre is biodegradable.

TASHAY cares about the environment: The products, made exclusively from natural fibres, are 100% sustainable: the breeding practices use traditional methods. The camelids are sheared manually, avoiding the use of machines and harmful chemicals by using the natural colours of these fibres as the basis of our collections, which range from natural colour to black through various shades of gray and brown.

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Dimensions220 × 70 cm