XL Scarf Nicola


Material composition:

70% merino 30% cotton


Width in cm: 65

Length in cm: 240

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Merino fibre scarf

The Nicola scarf mainly made of merino fibre (merino fibre 70%, cotton 30%) represents an important, embracing piece of clothing that is soft and warm at the same time. Merino wool is one of the most exclusive types of wool in the world. Thanks to its timeless design and unique texture, it will accompany you on various occasions over the years.

One of the most outstanding sheep breeding areas in the world: Patagonia The pastures of Patagonia consist of far-reaching steppes that extend as far as to the slopes of the Andes. In this wild and uninhabited landscape, herds of merino sheep graze freely and undisturbed. As a result, they are recognized for their fibre, which is considered to be one of the finest and noblest in the world. To create this scarf, TASHAY works together with a small business from the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina They specialize only in this product and are experts in the treatment of merino wool. Together with these experts, we select the finest fibres that are carefully machine-woven.

Ecological – soft – warm – breathable – dirt-repellent

Merino wool is ecological. Since it consists of 100% natural fibres, it is 100% ecological and, due to its natural origin, is biodegradable. This fibre is characterized by its softness and at the same time its warmth. Thanks to its insulating properties, it warms you in winter, is agreeable on hot days and is odorless throughout the days. Finally, due to its unique fibre structure, merino wool has self-cleaning properties and therefore frequent washing is unnecessary.

TASHAY cares about the environment : the products, made exclusively from natural fibres, are 100% sustainable: the breeding practices use traditional methods Merino sheep are sheared manually, avoiding the use of machines and harmful chemicals by using the natural colours of these fibres as the basis of our collections. In addition, the merino sheep produce a new fur (renewable) every year and the wool is biodegradable.

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Dimensions240 × 65 cm